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"In 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Candeth Martine opened the way to Marae Lassel. Soon humans from the mainland came to the island and began to settle. One of these settlements is Redspire, a town situated on the southwestern coast of Marae Lassel. In Thistledown of 16 PY, as part of Varrici II's war against the "Bloodless, " the three human settlements on Marae were captured under cover of night. Though a fragile truce now exists between Strathelar and Varrici, the three spire towns remain under New Viamont's control." --Town Network Sign

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To Redspire

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Redspire 40.6N, 83.0W None

From Redspire

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Redspire 40.7N, 83.2W Town Network N/A None
Redspire 41.0N, 83.6W Northern Ahurenga Plains 52.1N, 86.2W No tie/link/summon

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 40.7N 83.1W - Town Center


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Abandoned Tumerok Site 42.0N, 82.2W -- 0284 Olthoi Pincers
Tumerok Cavern 40.2N, 84.7W -- 0292 Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest
Tumerok Cave 41.7N, 82.5W -- 0286 Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest


NPC Name Location Type Details
Janus Roma the Shopkeep 40.8N, 83.1W Shopkeeper Books, Parchment, Containers (Red)
Lam Yi the Jeweler 40.6N, 83.1W Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelery, Lockpicks
Leyrale Shalorn the Tailor 40.6N, 82.9W Shopkeeper Clothing
Micon Stuvis the Barkeep 40.7N, 83.0W (On 2nd floor) Shopkeeper Food, Drinks and Rumors
Milanna Russmad the Mage 40.8N, 83.3W Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Ton Ai Yen the Armorer 40.9N, 83.4W Shopkeeper Weapons and Armor
Afra bint Abbas 40.8N, 83.0W Quest Ebon Gromnie Kill Task
Bachus Flufens 40.7N, 83.0W - (On 3rd floor of bar) Quest Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest
Behdo Yii 40.8N, 83.3W Quest Olthoi Pincers
Guard Liaza 40.8N 83.0W Quest Moarsmen on the Shores
Susana du Loc 40.7N, 83.2W Quest Hea Windreave Kill Task
Ling Xiao the Collector 40.7N, 83.0W Crafter Carenzi Sentry pelts, Tidal Siraluun claws, Drudge charms, or Water Golem hearts
Andrea Dilazo 40.7N, 83.1W Miscellaneous --
Lucio Murrio 40.6N, 83.0W Miscellaneous --
Niccolo Brasi 40.9N, 83.4W Miscellaneous --
Piero Cenizzi 40.8N, 83.0W Miscellaneous --
Town Crier 40.6N, 83.0W Miscellaneous --


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Redspire.

Carenzi Icon Carenzi

Golem Icon Golem

Human Icon Human

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Siraluun Icon Siraluun

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

Art & Images

Asheron's Call - Towns- Redspire07:06

Asheron's Call - Towns- Redspire

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