"The Gharu'ndim began to appear in Dereth soon after Elysa and Thorsten freed their people from enslavement by the Olthoi. One of the first of their number was Musansayn, a minor noble who became the effective leader of his countrymen in this new land. He made peace with the Aluvians, arranging for his folk to settle the lands west of the Falamar Hills. Samsur was the first permanent town built under his rule on the Yushad Ridge. It now lies at the heart of the Gharu'ndim lands, with roads leading both north and south and into the sandy reaches of the A'mun Desert." --Town Network Sign

  • Click here to view the Samsur page from the original Asheron's Call Manual.
  • Samsur was one of the original starter towns until the outposts were destroyed by Martine. It still has some popularity though, as it has a Residential Hall, several useful settlement portals, and is very close to the Mnemosyne Collection Site.

Map 2px Border Point Map Map Point Gharu Town


To Samsur

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Gharu'ndim (West) Samsur 3.2S, 19.0E None
Khayyaban Victory Residential Halls Samsur 2.7S, 18.9E None
Lin Victory Residential Halls Samsur 2.7S, 18.9E None

From Samsur

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Samsur 2.9S, 19.4E Town Network -- None
Mannikin Foundry 2.9S, 19.4E Nanto 51.0S, 81.7E None
Victory Residential Halls 3.2S, 19.1E Khayyaban 47.6S, 26.7E None
Victory Residential Halls 3.2S, 19.1E Lin 53.9S, 74.3E None

Settlement Portals

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Samsur 0.9S, 19.0E Adventurer's Haven Cottages 1.6N, 36.1E None
Samsur 1.0S, 18.9E Cactus Acres 9.0S, 24.8E None
Samsur 0.8S, 19.1E Charnhold 39.3N, 4.0E None
Samsur 0.8S, 18.9E Darasa Villas 35.3N, 8.7W None
Samsur 1.1S, 18.9E Dovetail Valley Villas 24.2N, 10.5E None
Samsur 1.0S, 18.9E Greenswath 7.4N, 24.6E None
Samsur 0.9S, 19.0E Janaa Ridge Settlement 7.0S, 22.3E None
Samsur 1.0S, 18.9E Maythen Geroyu Villas 15.3N, 26.3E None
Samsur 1.0S, 19.0E Nal Wadi Cottages 4.6N, 20.7E None
Samsur 0.9S, 19.0E Naqut Dreams Villas 9.4S, 11.4E None
Samsur 0.8S, 19.0E Palm-of-Stone Villas 11.0N, 26.4E None
Samsur 1.1S, 18.9E Return of Mumiyah Cottages 6.4S, 4.2E None
Samsur 0.9S, 19.0E Samsur Butte Cottages 6.5S, 15.5E None
Samsur 1.0S, 19.0E Sand's Edge 5.7N, 30.8E None
Samsur 0.9S, 19.1E Stone Face Oasis Villas 1.6N, 21.7E None
Samsur 1.0S, 19.0E Stone Scar Settlement 5.0N, 16.2E None
Samsur 1.1S, 18.9E Tharesun 91.3N, 5.4E None
Samsur 0.9S, 18.9E Yinar 9.5S, 33.3E None
Samsur 0.9S, 19.0E Yushad Ridge Cottages 12.0S, 23.6E None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 3.0S, 19.3E - In Town
  • 0.1S, 16.3E - Northwest Samsur Outpost Lifestone
  • 3.1S, 22.2E - East Samsur Outpost Lifestone
  • 5.5S, 19.9E - Lifestone near Dungeon Binar


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
A Ruin (Samsur) 3.3S, 20.5E -- 01B9
A Small Cave 4.2S, 17.3E -- 01E7
Desert Mine 4.5S, 26.6E -- 0182
Dry Well 5.0S, 20.9E -- 015A
Dungeon Binar 6.2S, 20.1E -- 0183
Dungeon Manor 2.0S, 19.8E -- 01E8
Mannikin Foundry 2.9S, 19.4E -- 545A
Mnemosyne Collection Site 2.5S, 16.4E -- 029D
Musansayn's Vaults 1.0S, 18.7E -- 0155
Samsur Meeting Hall 2.9S, 19.7E -- --


NPC Name Location Type Details
Agent of the Arcanum In Town - 3.1S, 19.2E Quest Housing
Apprentice Fletcher (Samsur) In Town - 2.9S, 19.6E Quest Crafter Quest
Armorer Talam ibn Tarish In Town - 2.9S, 19.5E Shopkeeper Armor, shields
Ashqa the Shopkeeper Outskirts - 3.1S, 22.1E Shopkeeper Armor, containers (Black), cooking items, weapons
Aun Akuarea Outskirts - 2.6S, 19.9E Quest Mud Golem Sludge Lord Kill Task
Collector In Town - 2.8S, 19.6E Collector Collector of various trophies
Da'hir ibn Khayzur the Archmage In Town - 2.9S, 19.3E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Spell components, portal gems, mana charges
Grawalda the Peddler Dungeon Manor Shopkeeper General Supplies
Healer Burah bint Fathlan In Town - 2.8S, 19.5E Shopkeeper Potions, healing kits
Jeweler Fathlan ibn Nuril In Town - 2.8S, 19.5E Shopkeeper Gems, jewelry
Journeyman Scrivener of Creature Magic In Town - 3.0S, 19.4E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Item Magic In Town - 3.0S, 19.4E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Life Magic In Town - 3.0S, 19.4E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of War Magic In Town - 3.0S, 19.4E, 3rd floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Merchant (Samsur) Outskirts - 4.5S, 23.5E Shopkeeper General Supplies
Merchant (Small Cave) Outskirts - 4.1S, 17.3E Shopkeeper General Supplies
Mishiya al-Abdi the Barkeeper In Town - 2.8S, 19.6E Shopkeeper Directions, rumors, food
Nasruya al-Khanjan the Tailor In Town - 2.9S, 19.3E Shopkeeper Clothing
Nu'nifiba the Shopkeeper Outskirts - 0.2N, 16.4E Shopkeeper Armor, containers, cooking items, weapons
Obsidian Enchanter Outskirts - 3.8S 20.6E Crafter Creates items out of Obsidian
Royal Guard In Town - 3.2S, 19.0E
In Town - 2.8S, 19.5E, Rooftop
In Town - 2.9S, 19.6E, Rooftop
Misc Royal Guard (2008 Compensation)
Royal Quartermaster In Town - 2.8S 19.6E Shopkeeper Exchanges Orders for Writ of Apology
Rubid al-Jurma Outskirts - 0.0S, 16.3E Quest Exploration Society Letters, Musansayn's Library
Saqat Outskirts - 3.2S, 22.2E Quest The Old Dry Well
Shopkeep Julsama bint Sakim In Town - 2.9S, 19.6E Shopkeeper Armor, guides, containers, lockpicks, tools, weapons
Sutaiya bint Yil the Scribe In Town - 2.9S, 19.3E Shopkeeper Rumors, directions, guides, books
Thawasa al-La'ud the Bowyer In Town - 2.9S, 19.6E Shopkeeper Missile weapons and ammunition
Town Crier In Town - 3.2S, 19.0E
In Town - 2.9S, 19.5E
In Town - 3.0S, 19.8E
In Town - 2.4S, 18.9E
Misc Provides rumors
Trophy Smith In Town - 2.8S, 19.5E Collector Collector of various items
Ushad al-Fasam the Grocer In Town - 2.9S, 19.3E Shopkeeper Containers, food, cooking items
Weaponsmith Ayiz ibn Khayt In Town - 2.9S, 19.5E Shopkeeper Weapons
Wedding Planner In Town - 3.1S, 19.2E Shopkeeper Wedding Trials


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Samsur.Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Auroch Icon Auroch

Banderling Icon Banderling

Chicken Icon Chicken

Cow Icon Cow

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Lugian Icon Lugian

Monouga Icon Monouga

Mu-miyah Icon Mu-miyah

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Rabbit Icon Rabbit

Rat Icon Rat

Shreth Icon Shreth

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Undead Icon Undead

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

Art & Images

Asheron's Call - Towns- Samsur09:42

Asheron's Call - Towns- Samsur

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