Introduced:  Friend and Foe Related Quests:  House Plants Updated:  A Rising Darkness
Sara Sen
Non-Player Killer
Sara Sen Live
Race Female Sho
Title Monster Plant Lover
Location Mayoi at 61.5S, 82.4E
Level 29
Strength 70
Endurance 70
Coordination 65
Quickness 60
Focus 50
Self 50
Health 110
Stamina 180
Mana 105



Ook tells you, "If you bring me five of the yellow monster seeds, I will do my best to cultivate one of them for you. Then you can have your very own Pitcher Plant!"

Update History

A Rising Darkness

  • Moved from 28.3S, 95.7E in Tou-Tou to Mayoi at 61.5S, 82.4E.

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