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"Sawato is a Sho village hidden away in the Blackmire Swamp. In the early days, the Sho warlord Ijiku Tambai built the fortress Yaosai on the edge of the swamp to protect Hebian-To from Mosswarts. Eventually, the Sho were successful in pushing back the Mosswarts into the swamps. So Yaosai became the town of Shoushi, and the frontier moved northwest where, in clearing on the border of Blackmire Swamp, bold settlers established Sawato. Much to the delight of their neighbors to the north, with the expansion came the road connecting the long isolated town of Yanshi with the the rest of the Sho lands." --Town Network Sign

  • Sawato has long been one of the more inaccessable towns on Dereth. Though it is located in the middle of Sho lands at 28.7S, 59.3E, it is dominated by the Blackmire Swamp, and until relatively recently, there were no portal connections at all save the meeting hall exit portal.
  • Naturally, such a remote location should have a plethora of interesting quests in and around it, as well as important NPCs, such as Tsua Kagemata, the Sho mask maker.

Map 2px Border Point Map Map Point Sho Town


To Sawato

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Sho (East) Sawato 29.1S, 58.9E None

From Sawato

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Mammet Foundry 28.7S, 59.3E Baishi 49.3S, 62.9E --
Sawato -- Town Network N/A None

Settlement Portals

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Sawato 27.1S, 59.9E Ayn Tayan 39.0S, 55.4E None
Sawato 27.2S, 60.0E Blackmire Edge Cottages 27.8S, 46.8E None
Sawato 27.2S, 59.9E East Sawato Settlement 27.6S, 63.9E None
Sawato 27.1S, 59.9E Empyrean Fields Cottages 38.2S, 43.3E None
Sawato 27.1S, 60.0E Explorer's Villas 61.5N, 65.6E None
Sawato 27.2S, 60.0E Jinianshi 27.5S, 43.3E None
Sawato 27.2S, 60.0E Kuyiza 35.9S, 40.8E None
Sawato 27.3S, 59.9E Lo-Han 34.4S, 52.7E None
Sawato 27.3S, 60.0E Mire Hill 21.6S, 60.9E None
Sawato 27.1S, 59.9E Narsys 15.8S, 72.9E None
Sawato 27.3S, 59.9E North Sawato Villas 19.8S, 55.9E None
Sawato 27.2S, 59.9E Sawato Foothills Settlement 31.7S, 63.3E None
Sawato 27.2S, 60.0E Sclavavania 21.9S, 65.6E None
Sawato 27.3S, 60.0E South Siege Villas 12.7S, 72.8E None
Sawato 27.3S, 59.9E Village Quan 18.2S, 63.3E None
Sawato 27.1S, 60.0E West Sawato Cottages 30.8S, 53.5E None
Sawato 27.2S, 59.8E Zin-Dai 35.2S, 46.6E None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 28.8S, 59.3E - Town Square


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Burun Burrow 27.5S, 53.9E -- 6247
Empyrean Foundry 25.2S, 54.2E -- 0136
Incunabula Vault 23.0S, 60.0E -- 011A
Mammet Foundry 28.6S, 59.3E -- 5458
Swamp Ruin 25.1S 52.1E -- 01C5


NPC Name Location Type Details
Archmage Tawa Matema Town - 28.4S, 59.6E first floor Shopkeeper Magic Supplies.
Bukai Fu-ya the Bowyer Town - 28.6S, 59.4E basement Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies, Ammunition.
Chueh Kaigin the Jeweler Town - 228.8S, 59.4E first floor Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry
Grocer Pon Hau-jo Town - 28.5S, 59.2E first floor Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Supplies.
Healer Xidan Fensen Town - 28.7S, 59.5E first floor Shopkeeper Healing Potions, Kits.
Hiruhi Fensen the Scribe Town - 28.7S, 59.5E first floor Shopkeeper Books, Paper, Texts.
Ite Kenzen the Barkeeper Town - 28.8S, 59.2E first floor Shopkeeper Food, Drinks, Rumors.
Scrivener of Creature Magic Town - 29.0S, 59.5E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls.
Scrivener of Item Magic Town - 29.0S, 59.5E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls.
Scrivener of Life Magic Town - 29.0S, 59.5E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls.
Scrivener of War Magic Town - 29.0S, 59.5E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls.
Shopkeeper Yunen Ye Town - 28.2S, 59.2E first floor Shopkeeper Basic Supplies.
Son Jaiken the Armorer Town - 28.9S, 59.3E first floor Shopkeeper Armor.
To-ping Ra the Tailor Town - 28.2S, 59.2E first floor Shopkeeper Clothing.
Tong La-chin the Weaponsmith Town - 28.9S, 59.3E first floor Shopkeeper Weapons.
Archmage (Sawato) Outskirts - 25.6S, 57.6E Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Healer (26.7S, 65.1E) Outskirts - 26.7S, 65.1E Shopkeeper Healing Kits, Potions
Healer (Sawato) Outskirts - 34.6S, 59.7E Shopkeeper Healing Kits, Potions
Peddler (Sawato) Outskirts - 35.1S, 60.5E Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Wandering Bowyer (Sawato) Outskirts - 21.7S, 52.1E Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies, Ammunition
Apprentice Fletcher (Sawato) Town - 28.6S, 59.4E - first floor Quest Crafter Quest
Hasin Lin Town - 28.9S, 59.3E outside Quest Soul Hunter Quest
Nomendar al-Rakh Town - 28.7S, 59.2E - outside Quest Northern Shroud Cabal, Southern Shroud Cabal
Pau Yajin Town - 28.8S, 59.4E outside Quest Tanada Temple of Black Water
Ro Bi-Jor, Apprentice Tailor Town - 28.2S, 59.2E first floor Quest Heart of Innocence Quest
Sergeant Huang Town - 28.9S, 59.3E second floor Quest Sawato Extortion
Unfriendly Barkeeper Outskirts - 25.3S, 56.6E Quest Sawato Extortion
Grearrk, Mosswart Emissary Outskirts - 29.0S, 58.2E Quest The Homunculus
Agent of the Arcanum Town - 28.8S, 59.1E, first floor Crafter --
Jewel Collector Town - 28.7S, 59.3E, second floor Crafter --
Leather Crafter Town - 28.5S, 59.2E, second floor Crafter --
Trophy Smith Town - 28.9S, 59.3E, basement Crafter --
Tsua Kagemata Town - 28.8S, 59.4E, first floor Crafter Mask Maker
Tsua's Apprentice Town - 28.8S, 59.4E, first floor Crafter Apprentice Mask Maker
Wing Collector Town - 28.7S, 59.3E Crafter --
Town Crier Town - 29.3S 58.8E Miscellaneous --


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Sawato.
Sclavus Icon Sclavus

Gromnie Icon Gromnie

Art & Images

Asheron's Call - Towns- Sawato10:53

Asheron's Call - Towns- Sawato

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