Introduced:  A Change in Tactics Related Quests:  Shadowfire Stone Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Shadowfire Isparian Sword
Shadowfire Isparian Sword Icon
Shadowfire Isparian Sword Live

Shadowfire Isparian Sword


  • Made by combining a Perfect Isparian Sword with a Shadowfire Stone. The change is permanent.
  • During the Master of Arms event, the skill was changed from Sword to Finesse Weapons and the base damage changed from 33 - 55 to 28.8 - 48. The Activation requirement of Sword: 400 was removed. The Attack mod changed from +12 to +14 and Defense from +12 to +10
    • directly after the patch, the new Skill was Heavy and the base damage changed from 33 - 55 to 34.2 - 57. This was hotfixed on Feb. 23rd.

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