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February 2000 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • The damage done by melee weapons—such as swords, maces, daggers, spears, and so on—is now affected more by the strength of the combatant. Strong warriors will find that they do more damage per hit than before. This does not affect missile or unarmed combat. Note that this applies to monsters as well, so be careful when facing monsters that wield weapons!
  • Players using melee weapons have a slightly faster attack speed than before. This also applies to a small subset of weapon-wielding monsters.
  • Meeting Halls introduced.

New Quests

New Events

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Stone Tool Icon Stone ToolFoundry Key Icon Foundry KeyKey to Hamud's Chambers Icon Key to Hamud's ChambersInferus Key Icon Inferus KeyMortuus Key Icon Mortuus KeyOccasus Key Icon Occasus KeySuperna Key Icon Superna KeyWheelbarrow Icon WheelbarrowIron Ore Icon Iron OreSmelting Pot Icon Smelting PotSlag Icon SlagBroken Staff Icon Broken StaffPyreal Mote Icon Pyreal MotePyreal Sliver Icon Pyreal SliverPyreal Nugget Icon Pyreal NuggetPyreal Bar Icon Pyreal BarQuality Pyreal Ingot Icon Quality Pyreal IngotSuperb Infused Ingot Icon Superb Infused IngotPyreal Ingot Icon Pyreal IngotAxe Glyph Icon Axe GlyphClaw Glyph Icon Claw GlyphDagger Glyph Icon Dagger GlyphMace Glyph Icon Mace GlyphSpear Glyph Icon Spear GlyphStaff Glyph Icon Staff GlyphSword Glyph Icon Sword Glyph Text Icon Parchment Dark Master NoteText Icon Parchment Old Man in the Mountain RumorText Icon Book Dizah ibn Nadqab's JournalText Icon Parchment A Fiery StoneA Shivering Stone Icon A Shivering StoneText Icon Parchment A Stinging StoneText Icon Book A JournalText Icon Parchment Archival CopyText Icon Book Atlan's TreatiseText Icon Parchment Carefully Printed NoteText Icon Parchment DecreeText Icon Scroll Elaborate ScrollText Icon Parchment Field ReportText Icon Parchment Hastily Scrawled NoteText Icon Scroll Imperial MissiveText Icon Book The Meeting HallsText Icon Parchment Soiled ParchmentText Icon Book Textbook (A Journal)Text Icon Book Textbook (Atlan's Treatise)Precepts of the Tenebrous Edge Icon Precepts of the Tenebrous EdgeThe Fallen Master of Shagar Zharala Icon The Fallen Master of Shagar ZharalaText Icon Parchment Introduction to DevanaThe Obsidian Span Icon The Obsidian Span Shadow Stone Icon Shadow StoneMajor Shivering Stone Icon Major Shivering StoneMajor Smoldering Stone Icon Major Smoldering StoneMajor Sparking Stone Icon Major Sparking StoneMajor Stinging Stone Icon Major Stinging StoneMinor Shivering Stone Icon Minor Shivering StoneMinor Smoldering Stone Icon Minor Smoldering StoneMinor Sparking Stone Icon Minor Sparking StoneMinor Stinging Stone Icon Minor Stinging Stone Ancient Pyreal Dagger Icon Ancient Pyreal DaggerHamud's Pyreal Katar Icon Hamud's Pyreal KatarImpious Staff Icon Impious StaffPeerless Shadow Claw Icon Peerless Shadow ClawPeerless Shadow Dagger Icon Peerless Shadow DaggerPeerless Atlan Claw Icon Peerless Atlan ClawPeerless Atlan Staff Icon Peerless Atlan StaffPeerless Atlan Mace Icon Peerless Atlan MacePeerless Atlan Axe Icon Peerless Atlan AxePeerless Atlan Dagger Icon Peerless Atlan DaggerPeerless Atlan Spear Icon Peerless Atlan SpearPeerless Atlan Sword Icon Peerless Atlan SwordPeerless Shivering Atlan Sword Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan SwordPeerless Smoldering Atlan Sword Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan SwordPeerless Sparking Atlan Sword Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan SwordPeerless Stinging Atlan Sword Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan SwordPeerless Shivering Atlan Claw Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan ClawPeerless Smoldering Atlan Claw Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan ClawPeerless Sparking Atlan Claw Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan ClawPeerless Stinging Atlan Claw Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan ClawPeerless Shivering Atlan Axe Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan AxePeerless Smoldering Atlan Axe Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan AxePeerless Sparking Atlan Axe Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan AxePeerless Stinging Atlan Axe Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan AxePeerless Shivering Atlan Spear Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan SpearPeerless Smoldering Atlan Spear Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan SpearPeerless Sparking Atlan Spear Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan SpearPeerless Stinging Atlan Spear Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan SpearPeerless Shivering Atlan Staff Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan StaffPeerless Smoldering Atlan Staff Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan StaffPeerless Sparking Atlan Staff Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan StaffPeerless Stinging Atlan Staff Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan StaffPeerless Shivering Atlan Dagger Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan DaggerPeerless Smoldering Atlan Dagger Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan DaggerPeerless Sparking Atlan Dagger Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan DaggerPeerless Stinging Atlan Dagger Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan DaggerPeerless Shivering Atlan Mace Icon Peerless Shivering Atlan MacePeerless Smoldering Atlan Mace Icon Peerless Smoldering Atlan MacePeerless Sparking Atlan Mace Icon Peerless Sparking Atlan MacePeerless Stinging Atlan Mace Icon Peerless Stinging Atlan Mace


Lightning Elemental Icon Lightning Elemental

Rabbit Icon Rabbit

Undead Icon Undead

Unknown Icon Unknown

New Dialog

Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "All this pollen is making me sneeze!"

Town Crier tells you, "AH-CHOO!"

Town Crier tells you, "News! Raving lunatics claim to have been whisked away by mysterious forces, and brought to a previously unexplored area of barren rock and thick marsh."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Silencia, the mute archmage of the Mount Esper outpost, seems to have befriended a strange, tame magma golem."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Creatures of living crystal continue to appear across Dereth in increasing numbers. While first assumed to be the rubble of the Gelidite Great Work, scholars now begin to wonder if they may not be produced by some other source."

Town Crier tells you, "News! An enormous span, crafted from obsidian, has appeared over the River Prosper between Cragstone and Arwic. This amazing structure is the largest single Empyrean artifact ever discovered."

Town Crier tells you, "The mages of Cragstone assert that until now, it has remained under a cloaking enchantment, which has recently worn out. Who knows what else may be hidden away in plain sight, through the powers of the Empyrean?"

Town Crier tells you, "News! Town criers are available in most major towns to tell you of the latest news and events. We'll also give you a piece of information for a bit of money."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Spice merchants have set up shop in the quiet towns of Plateau, Baishi, and Al-Jalima. Those pursuing the culinary arts of Dereth are sure to flock to these sleepy villages."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Sages remain baffled by the dark crystalline shards some adventurers have recovered from the Shadows which have overrun the wilderness. Surely they will discover a use for them in time."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Spring has come to Dereth. The land so recently blighted by the work of the Gelidite cult of Frore has become overrun with wildflowers and bees. Many travelers report being attacked by rabbits attempting to protect their new litters."

Town Crier tells you, "News! A lurking sense of evil has permeated the entire land. Seers and madmen have reported seeing menacing forms during foul weather, and children from Qalaba'r to Stonehold have been plagued by nightmares. The Drudges seem more anxious than usual."

Town Crier tells you, "News! Explorers searching the most remote areas of Dereth have discovered several new underground complexes, apparently dating back to the Empyrean Age of Lore. Rumors that these may be storehouses for archaic weapons are crossing the length and breadth of the land."

Town Crier tells you, "The sun still seems dimmer... Some nights, I dream that it has gone out."

Town Crier tells you, "Yesterday I found a Wool Fez of Focus!"

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