Introduced:  Cold Tracks Related Quests:  Asheron's Departure
Shan Zhen
Non-Player Killer
Shan Zhen Live
Race Male Sho
Title Apprentice of the Sword
Location 25.8N 49.2E in Cragstone
Level 100
Strength 200
Endurance 180
Coordination 220
Quickness 190
Focus 200
Self 180
Health 145
Stamina 260
Mana 235


Lore & Dialog

Shan Zhen tells you, "I need to ask your help, and you may possibly even need my help. We still seek much information about Asheron before he left Dereth. The Portal Servitor Golem that kept track of Asheron's last movements prior to his departure to Bur still maintains a very tight security and refuses to divulge its master's secrets! Please travel to the Empyrean temple at 67.4N 30.5E and see if you can get the Golem to reveal what it knows! If you do this, I think I can attune you to be able to pass to Bur, despite Asheron's wards.

Shan Zhen tells you, "I asked you to seek out the Portal Servitor Golem at 67.4 N, 30.5 E. Have you done so? If the Portal Servitor makes a strange request of you, come back to me and I may be able to help you... I am well studied in the ways of Asheron."

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