Introduced:  Price of Loyalty Related Quests:  Shield of Isin Dule Quest
Shield of Isin Dule
Shield of Isin Dule Icon
  • Value: 23,000
  • Burden: 300
  • Armor Level: 190 (430)
  • Slashing: Average (190) (430)
  • Piercing: Excellent (342) (774)
  • Bludgeoning: Excellent (342) (774)
  • Fire: Average (152) (860)
  • Cold: Unparalleled (380) (860)
  • Acid: Average (190) (430)
  • Electric: Average (152) (860)
  • Nether: Average (190) (430)
  • Spells: Aura of Deflection, Aura of Defense, Minor Impenetrability, Inferno's Bane, Brogard's Defiance, Astyrrian's Bane
  • Properties: Magic Absorbing
  • Wield requires level 140
  • Activation requires Melee Defense: 400
  • Spellcraft: 400
  • Mana: 2000
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 40 seconds.
  • A shadowy shield with surprising strength. As you attempt to push your fighter through the shadowy substance it becomes increasingly resistant to your push.
    Turn this into the Shadow Hunter if you would rather have an experience reward.
Shield of Isin Dule Live

Shield of Isin Dule


  • Can be turned in for experience at the shadow hunters of Wai Jhou
  • The amount absorbed depends on your Magic Defense and for this item caps (max) at a 10% damage reduction.
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