A human faction introduced in The Beast With Many Heads. Little is known about them. Ulberan may be the leader of this group, or he may just be a higher ranking officer. The Shroud Cabal seems to be interested in Geomancy and the Ley Lines. Based on the texts from the Northern and Southern Shroud Cabal quests, the uniforms of the group, and the name Shroud Cabal, it appears that the group may serve a faction of the Virindi.

In ACVault's interview with Andy "Frelorn" Cataldo, Andy revealed that the Shroud Cabal will play a role in the PvP faction-based land control:

The Black Market Portal is controlled by the Province of the Shroud Cabalds, friends of the Virindi. They are here to take advantage of the war between the factions.

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