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Singularity Recall
Level: 90
Type: Fellowship
Starts At: 94.8S, 91.0W
Route: Singularity Bore to Singularity Caul
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • Note 1: Everyone must be flagged for Singularity Caul to complete this quest. See Caul Flagging for details.
  • Note 2: Someone in your group will need to have Lockpick to complete this quest.
  • Note 3: The three dark ring rewards share the same timer and cannot all be picked up. Make sure it's the ring you want before you loot it (see rewards).

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Caul Asylum

  1. From the Caul drop, head to the Caul Asylum at 94.8S 91.0W.
  2. From the drop, Lockpick the door to the North and run through the linear dungeon (always going down) until you get to a large room behind a locked gate.
  3. Unlock the gate to the large room, and head to the South exit. Unlock it and head down the ramp.
  4. From the split, take the West hallway until you get to a room with The Gatekeeper. Kill him and loot an Asylum Chest Key (one per group needed).
  5. Backtrack to the split. One person (with lockpick) should now head back through the large room, and up the first ramp. Take all lefts until you reach a room with a locked door and an Asylum Chest inside. Use the Asylum Chest Key on the chest and loot the Asylum Key, then rejoin the group.
  6. The group should now take the east hallway to a large room with a locked door. Use the Asylum Key on the locked door and enter the portal to the Caul Athenaeum.

Part 2: Caul Anthenauem

  1. From the drop, take the Northeast ramp up. Take the first ramp up on your left, and continue until you reach a 3-way split.
  2. You must now access the portal to the Caul Sanitorium, which is located behind a locked gate in the first hallway after taking a right at the 3-way split.
    • Long Route: You must find The Sage, who always spawns in the southeast corner room on this level. He drops an Athenaeum Key, which is used to unlock the gate to the Caul Sanitorium portal.
    • Short Route: You can use the PKLite exploit to bypass the locked gate.
  3. Once the gate is open, jump accross the portal walkway and use the Caul Sanitorium portal.

Part 3: Caul Sanitorium

  1. In this part, you need to find the real portal to Aerbax's Antechamber. Only 1 portal is real and all portals are named "Caul Sanitorium".
  2. From the drop, run down the portal staircase, and jump across to the Southeast platform
    • Tip: Its easiest to jump from the portal staircase to the Southwest platform, back to the center pillar, and then to the Southeast platform.
  3. From here, take the ramps down, take your first right, and then the first cutback to your left.
  4. Now hug the left wall, take the ramp up, and follow the long straight hallway until you dead-end into a split.
  5. Take the hallway on the left (Southeast), and use this portal to enter Aerbax's Antechamber. NOTE: All portals are labeled with Caul Sanitorium name, there isn't a uniquely named "Aerbax's Antechamber". Take the Caul Sanitorium portal that is the second one on the left.

Part 4: Aerbax's Antechamber

  1. From the drop, you'll need to use a series of levers (see map) to open the South gate.
    • Tip: You can use the PKLite exploit here to bypass the levers and save time.
  2. Head down the ramp and take a right at the split. Follow the linear dungeon.
    • Note: 2 doors along the way will require you to use a lever, which are behind locked doors just around the corner.
  3. Once you open the last gate, jump down and take a right, where you'll find a group of Shadows. Kill them and then hit the lever on the South wall.
  4. Enter the room to the North and kill the The Auditor. Loot the green Asylum Chest Key.
  5. One person also needs to get the blue Key from the The Auditor to open the final door.
  6. Once everyone has their Asylum Chest Key, take the Northeast exit and work your way back to the portal drop. A lever on the way opens the North door.
  1. From the drop zone, take the North ramp down, but be sure to jump over the base of the ramp (at the intersection) to avoid the dispell trap.
    • Note: If you forgot to hit the lever on the way, you can also use the PKLite exploit to open the North door.
  2. From the intersection, your first left, and then your first right will take you to the final room.
    • Note: You must use a lever to open the locked gate here. The locked door to the Northeast provides access to the lever in the room to the Northwest, which subsequently opens the door to the North.
  3. Use the Key (Auditor) (from the The Auditor) to open the final room, which contains a number of Sanatorium Chests.
  4. Use your Asylum Chest Key on any of the Sanatorium Chests to obtain the Recall to the Singularity Caul scroll.
Aerbax's Message Shard Icon Aerbax's Message ShardCorroding Message Shard Icon Corroding Message ShardPristine Message Shard Icon Pristine Message ShardChipped Message Shard (Singularity Recall) Icon Chipped Message Shard (Singularity Recall)Misty Message Shard Icon Misty Message ShardShimmering Message Shard Icon Shimmering Message ShardTwisted Message Shard Icon Twisted Message ShardWarped Message Shard Icon Warped Message Shard

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Caul Asylum 94.8S 91.0W -- 6045
Caul Sanitorium  ?? -- 6047
Caul Athenaeum  ?? -- 6046
Aerbax's Antechamber  ?? -- 6048



One of the following:


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Killing The Gatekeeper

The master must be warned the consciousness must flow.
Killing The Sage

As the virindi's cloak flutters to the ground you are filled with a sense of dread. A pain wells within the back of your head. A voice echoes within your head. "He will be warned. You shall not escape the coming storm."
Entering Sanitorium

"Inconsistencies and anomalies within the construct have alerted me of meat bodies not assigned to the Athenaeum structure. Fabric of portal has been torn. A new destination is now at hand. Laboratory compromised. I must inform my mirror of these parasitic incursions."

Update History

The Slumbering Giant

  • Quest introduced.

Mirror, Mirror

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.

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