Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Knights of Karlun Quest
Sir Ginazio
Non-Player Killer
Sir Ginazio Live
Race Male Viamontian
Title Eyes of Karlun
Location 88.9N 67.8W in Karlun's Fort
Level 36
Strength 200
Endurance 200
Coordination 190
Quickness 180
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 170
Stamina 300
Mana 140


  • Route: Short run northeast of Silyun .

Lore & Dialog

Sir Ginazio says, "Fighting alongside one of those foul Eater things would make me feel as debased as a Milantean..."

Sir Ginazio says, "Karlun would not have approved of using fiendish beasts to do our fighting..."

Sir Ginazio tells you, "Ah, have you come to join the Knights of Karlun? I do not trust you enough to send you on to speak with our Grand Master. Perhaps if you could prove yourself trustworthy..."
Sir Ginazio tells you, "If you would enter our confidence, seek out the vile Eater-thing that swallowed my sword. It can be found at the heart of the Eater Pit, located at 88.8N, 72.6W. Bring me my sword, and we will speak further."

Sir Ginazio tells you, "Ah, you found my sword. Wonderful. Please give it to me, and I will tell you how else you might aid the Knights of Karlun."
You give Sir Ginazio Sir Ginazio's Sword.
Sir Ginazio tells you, "Well done. You have my thanks, but you have not proven yourself to the Knights of Karlun just yet. Now I must ask you to take on a more sensitive task. One of our leading warriors, a knight of great virtue named Sir Coretto, journeyed into the Heart of Madness to discover what afflicts the Fiun who have gone mad. It has been some time since we heard from him. Please follow him into the Heart of Madness at 84.8N, 68.6W and discover what has become of him."

Sir Ginazio tells you, "Well done. I see you have succeeded in making contact with Sir Coretto. Give me his last testament, and I will grant you permission to enter the Hall of Karlun and speak with our Grand Master, the honorable Sir Belfelor."
You give Sir Ginazio Testament of Sir Coretto.
Sir Ginazio gives you Breastplate of Karlun.
Sir Ginazio tells you, "This is... heartbreaking. We all will mourn the great man that Sir Coretto was, and I thank you for putting him out of his misery. You have proven yourself to me. I will give you permission to enter the Hall of Karlun and speak with our Grand Master. You have also been judged worthy to receive a piece of armor of the Knights of Karlun. Wear it with honor."