Introduced:  Gears of Change
Smelting Pot of Platinum
Smelting Pot of Platinum Icon
  • Value: 1,000
  • Burden: 150
  • This item is used in Item Tinkering.
  • A pot filled with smelted platinum.


  • Recipes which call for Smelting Pot of Platinum.
  • Does not stack.
  • Difficulty: ?? (50% chance of success)


Smelting Pot
(1) Platinum Scarab
(1) Smelting Pot of Platinum
  • Steps:
  1. Use Smelting Pot on Platinum Scarab to create Smelting Pot of Platinum.
    • Smelting Pot Icon + Platinum Scarab Icon = Smelting Pot of Platinum Icon

You smelt the Platinum Scarab in the Smelting Pot.

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