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Introduced:  The Risen Princess Related Quests:  Society Stipends Updated:  Seeds of Hope, The Reaping

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Stipend rewards were introduced as part of The Risen Princess event. Stipends are obtained from Monroe the Stipend Officer in Arwic and are used to purchase items from Marid the Stipend Vendor's inventory.

Stipend NPCs

  • New Stipend NPCs have been added in Arwic at 33.6N, 56.8E.
    • Monroe - Stipend Officer (There is a 6 day timer on the use of the Stipend Officer Monroe), with a max of 4 Stipends every 27 days.
    • Marid - Stipend Vendor


  • Stipend Icon

Marid's Inventory
Boxed Augmentation Gem Attribute Reset Certificate Skill Reset Certificate Mastery Reset Certificate
Item Spells Certificate Life Spells Certificate Creature Spells Certificate Combat Spells Certificate
Luminance Certificate Experience Certificate Box of Ten Promissory Notes

Stipend Titles

Title Total Stipends Acquired
Derethian Newbie 1
Novice Wanderer 2
Notable Citizen 5
Adept Adventurer 9
Intrepid Explorer 13
Supreme Soldier 17
Epic Warrior 21
Paragon of New Aluvia 25
An Auberean Legend 49


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