Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  Tactical Defense Game
Supreme Tactician
Non-Player Killer
Supreme Tactician Live
Race Male Sho
Title Society Officer
Location Society Stronghold
Level 250
Strength 200
Endurance 250
Coordination 320
Quickness 290
Focus 350
Self 350
Health 125
Stamina 250
Mana 350


  • Route:
  • Only appears after you have won a game of Tactical Defense. Speak to him quickly, he is only there for 2-3 minutes.
  • He doesn't spawn immediately after BZ dies, can take a minute or two, but spawns next to where the Coin guy is at.

Lore & Dialog

Supreme Tactician tells you, "Congratulations! Only a worthy combatant could survive all those monsters. Take this token as a reward.
Supreme Tactician gives you Society Treasure Key.
Supreme Tactician gives you Celestial Hand Trade Token.
"You have been granted the Title "Tactical Aid"."