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The One Queen, also referred to as the Dereth Queen, The Olthoi Queen, or simply The Queen, was the Olthoi queen in command of the first brood established on Dereth. The One Queen is a descendant of The Ancient Queen, the first Olthoi Queen brought to Auberean. The One Queen came to Dereth as an egg, carried by an olthoi flyer. The flyer died upon reaching Dereth, but the egg hatched and the young queen was able to start a brood. Her nest was the Black Death Catacombs.

Later, Isparians began to arrive on Dereth. The Olthoi decided to use them as slaves, but the humans rebelled. After many years of freeing slaves, and armed with an Olthoi slaying elixir crafted by Asheron, Elysa Strathelar and Thorsten Cragstone lead an assault on the Black Death Catacombs to kill the Queen. Elysa succeeded in slaying The One Queen, but Thorsten was killed by the Queen during the battle.

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