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Vesayen - Thesalene Island

Thesalene Island


Part of the Vesayen Isles chain, Thesalen is located between Laesvos Island and Miremdae Island. Thesalene is fairly unremarkable. Perhaps most popular for hunting Shallows Devourers for Ulgrim's Scroll used to obtain Ulgrim's Recall spell.


Related Quests

Points of Interest


  • 78.2S, 85.3E



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Moarsmen Muck 77.0S, 90.9E -- 02C2 The Moars
Mosswart Holding 78.2S, 86.7E EB1D EB1D.png -- Aerbax's Prodigal Mosswart
Mosswart Nest 77.6S, 87.9E -- 02BC None
Rumuba's Hidey-Hole 75.9S, 89.2E -- 02B8 Rumuba's Jade Spear Quest
Treacherous Tunnels 75.0S, 90.3E -- 02C5 None


Creatures commonly found on Thesalene Island.

Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Idol Icon Idol

Moarsman Icon Moarsman

Mosswart Icon Mosswart

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Shallows Shark Icon Shallows Shark

Slithis Icon Slithis

Wisp Icon Wisp

Zefir Icon Zefir


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