Introduced:  Ancient Enemies Related Quests:  Putrid Moar Kill Task, Slaying Spiketooth
Non-Player Killer
Tibik Live
Race Burun Ruuk
Title Gatherer
Location Kor-Gursha on Bur
Level 60
Strength 200
Endurance 260
Coordination 140
Quickness 320
Focus 100
Self 100
Health 280
Stamina 420
Mana 100


Lore & Dialog

Tibik tells you, "Me Tibik. Me gather food for Clutch and Tribe. Me find magic path to great food, but cave full of Moar! Moar bad. Moar eat Tibik. If less Moar, then maybe Tibik sneak and gather food. You kill Moar, hmmm... 25. You kill 25 Moar, and Tibik reward Strong Traveler from Faraway."
< Tibik tells you, "You find magic door in Eastern Catacombs, near top. You go, kill Moar, come back, yes?"

You have killed 25 Putrid Moars! Your task is complete!
Putrid Moar is incinerated by your assault!

Tibik tells you, "Excellent! Tibik be sneaky now. Gather food for Kor-Gursha. Tibik reward strong hunter now."
Tibik declares you a hunter of Moar, and you receive the "Moar Hunter" Title.
You've earned 5,000,000 experience.

Tibik tells you, "Less Moar now. Gathering easier. Thank you. If more Moar later, I ask you help again."
Tibik lets out a guttural croak.

You give Tibik Spiketooth's Head.
Tibik tells you, "What this?!?!"
Tibik screams!
Tibik tells you, "Spiketooth!! Spiketooth mean! Spiketooth bite Tibik in leg! Wait!! Spiketooth Dead??? Oooh. Tibik reward you for this! Thankyou!!!"
For your bravery, Tibik awards you the title of "Spiketooth Slayer".
You've earned 7,500,000 experience.

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