"Tufa has never recovered from the dark night in 11 PY, during the Fourth Sending of Darkness, when the peaceful desert oasis town was obliterated by Shadow Spire attacks. Now, the residents huddle around the crater of their town in tents, some cursing the Shadows, others desperately hopeful that some day they will rebuild." --Town Network Sign

  • Tufa is a Gharu'ndim town at 13.9S 5.0E just northeast of Yaraq.
  • In the Twilight's Gleaming patch Tufa was destroyed by Shadow Spires. The true target was not the town itself but rather the Menhir Ring that the town had been unknowingly built on top of. While the town was drastically altered and all of the actual building were reduced to rubble the townspeople remain in Tufa living in tents around the edge of and inside the crater made by the attack.
  • The Undead Hunters that collect mnemosynes in exchange for various items such as dispel gems, special arrowheads, and healing kits have their home base in Tufa.
  • Unlike Arwic, which was also struck by a shadow spire, Tufa has not yet been rebuilt.

Map 2px Border Point Map Map Point Gharu Town


To Tufa

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Gharu'ndim (West) Tufa 14.8S, 6.1E None

From Tufa

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Tufa 14.9S, 5.8E Town Network -- None
Mammet Foundry 14.9S, 5.8E Baishi 49.3S, 62.9E None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 15.0S 4.4E - Down in crater, near waterfall
  • 14.3S 7.0E - Tufa East Lifestone
  • 14.3S 3.7E - Tufa West Lifestone
  • 12.9S 5.9E - Tufa North Lifestone


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mammet Foundry 14.9S, 5.8E -- --


NPC Name Location Type Details
Afsan ibn Kusain the Barkeep Town - 13.8S, 5.5E Shopkeeper Rumors, Food, Cooking Supplies.
Archmage Dakila bint Ma'liz Town - 15.3S, 5.4E Shopkeeper Spell Components, Mana Stones.
Bowyer Shurida bint Zaud Town - 14.0S, 5.4E Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies.
Djuyat ibn Fisa the Armorer Town - 13.9S, 5.0E Shopkeeper Weapons.
Grocer Tashhir ibn Najrak Town - 14.9S, 5.9E Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Supplies.
Healer Jilrisi ibn Makhur Town - 14.6S, 6.3E Shopkeeper Healing Potions, Kits.
Journeyman Scrivener of Item Magic Town - 14.1S, 4.4E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Creature Magic Town - 14.1S, 4.4E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Life Magic Town - 14.1S, 4.4E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of War Magic Town - 14.1S, 4.4E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Lalid al-Jasi the Jeweler Town - 13.8S, 5.5E Shopkeeper Jewelry, Gems.
Maqura al-Waryah the Blacksmith Town - 13.9S, 5.0E Shopkeeper Armor.
Shopkeep Bubtil al-Taywi Town - 15.1S, 4.4E Shopkeeper Basic Supplies.
Tailor Fadnuj ibn Samil Town - 14.8S, 5.9E Shopkeeper Clothing.
Anid Al-Fadee Town - 13.3S, 5.1E Quest Mnemosynes
Agent of the Arcanum Town - 14.8S 5.8E Crafter --
Gabal Feteh Town - 13.3S, 5.1E Quest Mnemosynes
Ya-Bint-Al-Hawa Town - 13.3S, 5.1E Quest Mnemosynes
Town Crier Town - 13.4S, 5.3E: 14.9S,4.6E; 15.5E, 5.3E Miscellaneous --


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Tufa.

Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Chicken Icon Chicken

Doll Icon Doll

Golem Icon Golem

Gromnie Icon Gromnie

Rabbit Icon Rabbit

Rat Icon Rat

Shadow Icon Shadow

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Undead Icon Undead

Virindi Icon Virindi

Art & Images

Asheron's Call - Towns- Tufa09:22

Asheron's Call - Towns- Tufa

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