Introduced:  Reign of Terror Related Quests:  Undead Mechanic Quest
Undead Mechanic
Non-Player Killer
Undead Mechanic Live
Race Undead
Location 42.1N, 79.0W on Marae Lassel
Level 67
Strength 200
Endurance 250
Coordination 260
Quickness 200
Focus 240
Self 30
Health 275
Stamina 485
Mana 110


Lore & Dialog

Undead Mechanic tells you, "You should thank us, Isparian! Was our help not instrumental in orchestrating the retreat of the Ancient Olthoi Queen? But I do not expect good manners from your kind."
The undead studies you coldly, then nods.
Undead Mechanic tells you, "Regardless, the machine parts that your people have brought to us have been efficacious in our recent efforts to ... in our recent efforts. Therefore, we will continue this program. You no longer require our poison, so we have found other rewards."
Undead Mechanic gives you Missing Mechanisms.
Undead Mechanic tells you, "This text details the parts we will need. At one time there were stores of these parts cached about the land, but now, with the chaos of the times and your meddling, intrusive ways, Isparian, who knows where the parts may lie?"
Undead Mechanic tells you, "But find them, and bring them to me, and I will reward you."

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