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Vierana du Canamorra
Non-Player Killer
Vierana du Canamorra Live
Race Female Viamontian
Title Blood Recruiter
Location 60.0S 87.8W in Ayan Baqur.
Level 100
Strength 150
Endurance 160
Coordination 200
Quickness 200
Focus 170
Self 170
Health 155
Stamina 270
Mana 225


Lore & Dialog

Vierana du Canamorra tells you, "Unless you have a letter of introduction from one of my scouts, I don't have any time for you."

You give Vierana du Canamorra Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction.
Vierana du Canamorra tells you, "I see you have been of use to one of my scouts. That Jawaq always was a little weak in the sword arm, if you know what I mean. Well, if you did what he could not, perhaps, in time, you may be useful to me. The Radiant Blood is not accepting more members yet, but we may in the not-too-distant future... Suffice it to say you have been noticed, and may be watched. For now, allow me to present you with a book on the tenets of our society to see if your heart belongs with us."
Vierana du Canamorra gives you Tenets of the Radiant Blood.

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