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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Voracious Eater Kill Task, Eater Jaws Updated:  From Darkness, Light
Voracious Eater

Eater Icon Eater Level

Strength 450
Endurance 400
Coordination 350
Quickness 350
Focus 200
Self 200
Health 495
Stamina 600
Mana 200

XP 80,000xp
Luminance: 0
Voracious Eater Live
Icon Horizontal SpacerAluvian Leg Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerAncient Empyrean Trinket Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerCoalesced Aetheria (Blue) Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerGharu'ndim Arm Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerHalf-Digested Virindi Mask Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerIdentification Plate Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerPenguin Wing Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerRusty Lugian Axe Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerSho Brain Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerViamontian Torso Icon Icon Horizontal SpacerVoracious Eater Jaw Icon
Common Attacks Weaknessess
Acid, Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash Slash, Pierce
Melee A Missile A Magic A Melee D Missile D Magic D
447 -- --     342


Spawn Map Base
Spawn Map Voracious Eater
Data courtesy of Mob Tracker. Zoomable color
maps available with downloadable Viewer.

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