Introduced:  Release
Wah Chon the Barkeep
Non-Player Killer
Wah Chon the Barkeep Live
Race Female Sho
Title Barkeeper
Location Nanto 52.4S, 82.0E
Level 5
Strength 60
Endurance 60
Coordination 45
Quickness 50
Focus 25
Self 25
Health 45
Stamina 76
Mana 35


  • Route: See Nanto
  • See Barkeeper for similar shopkeepers.
  • Sells at 135%, buys at 90%.
  • Wah Chon the Barkeep is located inside the Soutern End Tavern located at 52.4S, 82.0E in Nanto.
  • Wah Chon sells numerous item's including her famous Mug of Winter Lager.


Pyreal Icon Pyreal


Books, Paper


Cooking Items

Lore & Dialog


Wah Chon the Barkeep tells you, "Welcome!"

Wah Chon the Barkeep tells you, "Greetings! Care to try my Winter Lager?"

Buying From

Wah Chon the Barkeep tells you, "Ah, good choice."

Selling To

Wah Chon the Barkeep tells you, "I am quite pleased, thank you."


Wah Chon the Barkeep tells you, "Enjoy!"

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