Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  Portal Space Research Updated:  Old Ghosts
Wren the Curious
Non-Player Killer
Wren the Curious Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Portal Researcher
Location Mar'uun
Level 65
Strength 212
Endurance 170
Coordination 195
Quickness 120
Focus 230
Self 230
Health 85
Stamina 180
Mana 230


  • With the destruction of Mar'uun, Wren the Curious disappeared. There is a corpse where she was standing.
  • Route: From Al-Arqas, take the Al-Nosaj portal at 33.5S, 13.1E. Then run to the Mar'uun at 10.6S, 17.1E.

Lore & Dialog

Wren the Curious says, "This is never going to work..."
Wren the Curious says, "Where did I place those documents..."
Wren the Curious says, "When do we expect to get new test subjects?"

Wren the Curious tells you, "Please talk to Marcus about our work and then return to me if you would like to help."

Wren the Curious tells you, "The process has been prepared. When you are ready use the test portal."

Wren the Curious tells you, "Thank you for your assistance as a test subject. We could use more good subjects like you."