Introduced:  Shifting Gears Related Quests:  Queen Elysa in Danger
Non-Player Killer
Yuudai Live
Race Male Sho
Title Traitor to the Crown
Location 10.2N, 58.5E in Rithwic
Level 174
Strength 150
Endurance 120
Coordination 150
Quickness 150
Focus 80
Self 60
Health 256
Stamina 316
Mana 256


  • Route: Rithwic and run across the bridge, then to the edge of town towards the Arcanum building. He's on the second floor of the grocery.

Lore & Dialog

Yuudai tells you, "You came with word on the task at hand?"
You hand over all of your Ingots.
Yuudai tells you, "Ahh, this information is most useful. The target has been located and has little guard."
Yuudai tells you, "We must act quickly. Go find the lady in purple armor in the house just outside of Cragstone."
Yuudai tells you, "Her Mistress says this substance I have applied to your weapon will sever her tie to the lifestone as it severs her flesh."
Yuudai tells you, "It sounds like she only has a couple guards with her. Dispatch of her and bring me back her bow as proof of your work."

You give Yuudai Aleesa's Longbow.
Yuudai says, "Ahh you have succeeded!"
Yuudai says, "Mistress will be very pleased with this indeed."
Yuudai says, "Mesalina, inform Her at once about our success here."
Yuudai examines the bow closely

Yuudai says, "Something about this bow seems off, not as deadly as I imagined...."

Yuudai says, "I will not forget how you betrayed me to The Queen, your day will come..."

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