Introduced:  Lonely In The World Related Quests:  Hieromancer's Armor, Menhir Research
Zairente Ra-Yao
Non-Player Killer
Zairente Ra-Yao Live
Race Female Sho
Title Wandering Blacksmith
Location Randomly spawns in Southern Osteth.
Level 28
Strength 170
Endurance 150
Coordination 140
Quickness 140
Focus 50
Self 25
Health 315
Stamina 350
Mana 125


Spawn Map Base
Spawn Map Zairente Ra-Yao

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Trade Notes

Lore & Dialog

Local Area Broadcast Message

Zairente hums, "Little rabbit Poo-kie / running through the Di-res / scooping up the mon-archs / and BANGING 'em on the head."


Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "Greetings. It's not often I get visitors out here. I'm looking for some good equipment. Seen any? I have a lot of hungry vassal mouths to feed!"

Buying From

Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "You must be in quite a spot to need that out here!"

Selling To

Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "Not good enough to 'mule,' eh? Not a problem, I'll find a use for it."

Zairente winks.

Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "Hm, maybe one of my allegiance's lower level peons can use that."

Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "I found a very peculiar old dagger the other day. It's quite rusted over. I don't think it can be polished up to be useful again, so I'm willing to part with it."


Zairente Ra-Yao tells you, "Maybe we'll meet again out here, sometime. Watch out for Virindi."

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